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Mobile Application Development Trends – How to Identify the Right Mobile Platform

Definition of Mobile Application Development Platform. In layman’s terms, mobile application development platform a set of resources that help developers create mobile apps. The platform provides a strong framework for mobile app design and enhances the whole process of developing mobile apps. It includes different resources like mobile application development frameworks, mobile applications framework libraries and mobile app development technologies.

Mobile Application Development Technologies. The technology has evolved quite extensively over the years and has emerged as the most popular and powerful mobile development tools these days. Most of the mobile applications are developed with various mobile technologies like Java, Objective C and Swift. A majority of them are cross-platform and run on many devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. A lot of software developers also prefer to develop mobile apps for other platforms like Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

Mobile app development frameworks. These frameworks are created keeping in view various user requirements and working with different platforms. The mobile framework ensures quality code execution, easy creation, easy integration, and smooth running of mobile apps. Some of the popular frameworks include Xamarin, Cordova, PhoneGap and Frameworks. Each of them is developed in a customized way according to the needs and specifications of the business.

Mobile Application Development Technology. The mobile application development technology allows developers to create multiple mobile apps at the same time with ease. A lot of the mobile apps these days run on various devices with the same infrastructure. So the mobile application development software enables developers to create multiple apps with the same code base in one single environment and deploy them on multiple devices simultaneously. Moreover, these apps can be hosted for free on various web services and can be accessed by millions of users globally.

Mobile platforms. As per the latest research, almost all leading mobile companies are planning to launch their new mobile platform in the near future. With the rise in popularity and increasing demand of smartphones and tablets, many of the mobile developers are looking forward to provide their services for various platforms like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian etc. There are numerous platforms that are being developed by the leading mobile companies like iPhone and Windows Mobile, Samsung Galaxy S and Symbian. However, the Android platform is considered as the most popular because it is supported by Google Android mobile device in the form of android phones. Though the BlackBerry platform is very popular with the Windows platform, Windows Mobile is still more preferred due to its popularity in the smart phones.

Mobile app development trends. The mobile app trends are continuously changing from day to day and are expected to keep growing more popular. Many of the top Android and BlackBerry apps are expected to get launched soon so people have to keep up with the latest development trends. Most of the top Android apps are expected to have multi-window capabilities in future so the users can have easy access to multiple windows on a single screen. The mobile developers have to pay extra attention to various mobile platforms like iPad and iPhone.

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