Thursday, December 3

Trends in iOS Application Development For the Next Five Years

iOS Application Development Trends for this Year can be Said to Have Been Very Strong in Several Areas, With Top Companies Keeping Their Innovations Under Wraps. We believe there will be Many Developments Coming in the Next 5 Years. However, we are expecting to see some of the Trends in Enterprise Development to Remain Strong As well. We see several of these Trends being Stronger in the Enterprise Development Area of the Business Industry.

The biggest and most obvious of the iOS Application Development Trends for the Year, in my opinion, has been the iPhone App Store itself. This is very interesting because it has been the dominant technology that has caused a shift in how we do Mobile App Development. It has allowed us to make Apps that can compete with the best of the apps available in Google Play. Furthermore, the iPhone App Store also gave people the opportunity to develop a business presence through apps that do not require a website.

What I find especially interesting is the trend towards Wearables & ICT. This is one of the biggest trends in the last few years. Wearables and ICT have been known to cause disruption in industries such as Health Care and Consumer Electronics. With the introduction of the Apple Watch and the introduction of Apple’s rumored iWatch (which I believe is still on track for a late Spring Release) I would not be surprised to see more of these trends appear in the future.

In addition to these two trends I think there is a big change happening in the Mobile Phone Market. From a Software Development Perspective, I think the biggest change will occur in Android App Development, where Google has already been making major investments in its ecosystem.

Android is the most used Operating System on Smartphones in the world, and that doesn’t even account for the Android TV. I believe Android is going to continue to dominate Smartphones in terms of Usage. That will likely translate into stronger iOS Application Development Trends, and Device Support in the upcoming Years.

Another trend that appears to be strengthening is the wearables market. In many respects, this market is similar to the Apple Watch, which may very well replace the Apple’s earlier wrist-watch, though the Watch does have a much larger screen and may even exceed the Watch’s popularity in the future. While I am not expecting the Apple Watch to replace the iPhone and iPod Touch, I do believe it could have a much wider appeal in many markets. In addition to being a much bigger screen, the Watch has been shown to be a much more durable device than the older models of Apple’s products, which will make it more appealing to a broader audience.

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